Cram for your exam with Kramster! Quiz app made for exam preparation. Made using the MEAN stack.


Sparebanken Vest Analysis

Tool for analyzing transactions for customers of the bank Sparebanken Vest. Shows statistics as tables and various charts. Written in Java, using JavaFX 8 for GUI.


readme article lookup

Database containing article info for the student magazine readme. Search for authors, titles or content to find which issue the article was from. Made with Meteor.

Sea Battle

Android game made as a project in the course Software Architecture. It is a clone of the famous board game Battleship. Node.js, Express and PostgreSQL backend, LibGDX frontend.

github | play store

Survival 404

Winner of Webkom's game competition. It is meant to serve as a 404 page. Made with Phaser.



Simple platformer game made with the Phaser JavaScript framework.

github 2.0

A WebRTC-based peer-to-peer video conversation service. Inspired by, but made a lot better.

Lightning Talk on Phaser

Code from Lightning Talk held about the JavaScript game framework Phaser.